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Name Ayesha weight 52kg
Age 22yr Height 176cm
Hair Blonde Price 300$
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At 22, Ayesha has learned some important things about the way they earn their living, professional companionship. This Russian imposing knows his delicate and morbid beauty is perfect for men hook, so throws as he can and, of course, we do not take us long to nibble. With the time it takes pleasing customers, the beautiful Ayesha and knows very well how to be delivered to let you enjoy one hundred percent, for all they end up completely satisfied and most want to repeat with her. The first thing you learned in this respect was the importance of passion, it was essential that involved one hundred percent.

Because when a man hires a companionship expect that from you, absolute involvement, total commitment to meet all their hottest fantasies in the best way. Because customers are looking for what they have so far failed to find, absolute passion and total compliance. The sculptural Ayesha puts her great body of infarction and our good manners available for us to enjoy a big Monday to Sunday.